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Rome Segway Day Tour

Price: 75 euro per person

Schedule: daily at 9:30am, 2:30pm and from June to August at 4:30pm

Highlights: Circus Maximus - Arch of Constantine - Roman Forum - Colosseum - Trajan's Column - Palatine Hill - Orange and Rose Gardens - Santa Maria's Church and its Bocca della Verita wall sculpture - Breathtaking panoramic views over Rome.

Rome Segway Night Tour

Price: from 65 euro per person

Schedule: from Sunday to Thursday at 8:00pm (November to March at 4:30pm)

Highlights: Venice Square - Montecitorio - Navona Square - Pantheon - Spanish Steps - Trevi Fountain - Forum of Traiano - Temple of Hadrian - Palazzo Montecitorio - Column of M. Aurelius - Colonna square - Parliament building.

The ROME SEGWAY DAY TOUR is the most convenient avenues to visit the entire historical center of Rome in less time than simply walking.

In the early morning and evening, the ambiance and atmosphere of the city is one of mystique and romanticism. In the daytime Rome is just as much a cosmopolitan buzz of activity as it was when it administered an Empire which covered over half of the then known world 2000 years ago.

With our tours, you are able to glide from the Colosseum to the Imperial Forums, from the Circus Maximus to the Santa Maria’s Church and its Bocca della Verità wall sculpture and much more. Don't miss the chance to experience Rome Segway!

City at its best with our ROME SEGWAY NIGHT TOUR! Rome at night is unparalleled by any city in the world. Make this the memory you take home with you.

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